Friday, January 13, 2012


Doodled the first imaged and then started on the Expressions Challenge using the same girl. I have way too much fun drawing her.


  1. Very, very cute! And Great control of the character design consistency, as well! Thanks for sharing.

    What do you do, or plan to use your art on? (children books, children magazines, animation, book covers, etc)

  2. This be a good exercise, arr. Also, everything you draw seems huggable.

  3. I see a thought balloon above the tired/bored expression saying "Meh"! Great pieces, captures the emotions perfectly

  4. Mike: Thanks! I'm currently working as an in-house illustrator for a small local textbook publisher. I do some freelance illustration as well. I'm slowly getting into comic work as well.

    Evan: Haha, huggable is definitely a compliment in my book. Thanks!

    Bill: Ha, pretty appropriate since I use that word a lot too. Thanks!

  5. Love these expressions. Absolutely perfect.