Friday, May 20, 2011

Hermione and Luna

Oops! Meant to post this with the Snow White piece and forgot about it. Just a fun little sketch of the Harry Potter characters. I find the contrast between Hermione and Luna quite fascinating :)

Snow White

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rapunzel: final

In honor of my brother and sister-in-law finally getting around to watching Tangled this week, here's the final version of my Rapunzel drawing.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Engagement Story!

A little comic depicting the story of how I got engaged! Yay! It's nothing too fancy, but I'm a visual person, and it's easier to show then tell. But basically we went walking at our local downtown park. (This was also where we went on our first long date, the first two dates were just going out to lunch.) So we went and sat on our usual bench. It's a lovely little place surrounded by trees, a little creek and lots of birds flying around. We were chatting and he was singing some (he sings pretty much all the time) and then he pulled out the ring when he finished the song. I was SO shocked! I just sat and stared for a while and then broke down and starting sobbing (tears of joy, of course.) To give you a little history, I didn't think he even had a ring yet. I didn't think he'd talk to my family yet. Everyone kept acting like he hadn't, and my fiance would tease me about taking money out of my ring fund when he'd buy stuff, and then say things like "I'm just kidding! I'm working on saving money!" Little did I know he'd talked to them family months ago. Ordered the ring many weeks ago, but was just having to wait for it to be delivered. The week before he asked the question he bought a laptop. Well, that almost did me in. I'm normally the pretty calm type, but man, I was livid. He talks about saving money for the ring, and then goes and buys something like a laptop?! Now I see where his priorities are! Oh, I was so upset! Of course, by this time he was just waiting for the mail to deliver the ring. But he still milked my fury for all it was worth. But thankfully for him, the ring arrived Monday and he asked and I said yes :)